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30 June 2021

Celebrating the Ellacombe Chimes with the church

Many of our local children and families will have heard the St James Church bells chiming at noon on Saturday 26 June, as the church took part in a worldwide celebration.

Bells chimed across the world to mark the 100th year since the birth of the Reverend Ellacombe who invented the Ellacombe Chiming system used at St James’ which allows one person to ring a set of bells.

Prior to the installation of the Ellacombe System, the tower and spire of the church of St James was grossly overloaded by the weight of the eight bells. This was a well-documented design fault going back to 1857 which resulted in the eight bells never being rung successfully, all together in full circle mode. In the late 1870s the decision was taken to install the Ellacombe Chiming System.

Such a lovely celebration to be involved with. You can read more about it here.